Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pockie Pirates: A One Piece MMO Game

One Piece MMO
Are you a One Piece fan? Here is a game that you should try. Many One Piece fans play this game while sharing their thoughts about the anime.

Pockie Pirates is a licensed One Piece MMO that faithfully recreates the One Piece anime series. Players take on the role of a sea-faring captain sailing the famous Grand Line trail with their friends, seeking epic adventure and treasures as they quest to become the King of Pirates.

You choose to be a Swordsman, Sniper, Navigator, or Doctor. Each has their own set of skills. You gain Nakama as you venture and level up. Be aware that getting a crew member is not easy. It is based both on luck, patience, and perseverance. Sounds like Luffy?

As you level up, attributes begin to matter. Not just to your own character, but also to your crew members. Strength, Intelligence, Physique, and Agility boosts stats namely Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Hit, Dodge, Crit, Speed, and extra stats namely Physical Pierce, Magical Pierce, Physical Mitigation, Magical Mitigation, Anti-Crit Hit, Block Rate, and Break Block.

As an adventurer, you also gain silver and gold. These can be used to purchase an item or increase stats. Gold is better than silver, but it is costly and needs patience.

There are many other features in the game. Learn more here.
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