Monday, June 24, 2013

Pockie Pirates: How to Level Up a Crew Fast

Leveling up a crew is important. As the level gets higher, the attributes and stats get higher, too, including HP. To level up a crew fast, utilize all of these available options.

Train your crew every after the 24-hour training time. A non-VIP can open up to two(2) training positions. A VIP can open more. I suggest opening the second position as early as possible. This will keep two of your crew members in par with your Protagonist's level. And opening the 2nd just costs 100 Gold.

While training, use Training Potions to add more EXP to a crew member by clicking Speed Training or traing*10. Speedy Training consumes one (1) potion and train*10 consumes 10 potions. Training Potions can be gained through fighting(enemy) and doing dungeons.

Daily Tasks
Click on the Daily Tasks button which is located beside Elite Campaign. Completing these tasks will grant your protagonist good EXP bonus apart from actually getting EXP while doing the task. Each task completed will give 5 Active Points. Every twenty (20) Active Points, click Submit to claim the Reward.

Clicking Refresh at the top will sometimes increase your reward from Average to Epic. Epic gives the biggest rewards. Each Refresh costs 2 Gold first time, 4 Gold at second time, 6 at third, and so on up to 10 Gold each try.

Save the goblets and exchange them for items in the Redeem Shop by clicking Exchange button. There are many items available including EXP Cards. You can get different goblets as you level up.

All of your active crew members gain experience points by fighting, including your protagonist. Here's a tip: Always use your Vitality points because there is a 1-point recovery every thirty (30) minutes. Not using them will waste the recovery points because of the vitality points cap.

Consume it through:
fighting while doing quests
Elite campaigns

The Shop has many items available for purchase including Experience Cards. The items available for purchase are random and available for Gold and silver. EXP Cards are sold for silver. Use them on your crew members Watch out for outlet update every Sixty (60) minutes.

Special Events
There are special events, usually every start of the month. There are rewards for buying Gold, salvaging, and, sometimes, there are rewards for logging in. Sometimes, the rewards can be chests that contain these EXP Cards. Watch out for any news on the Pockie Pirates homepage.

There will more ways to level up fast. Stay tuned for updates.


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