Monday, June 24, 2013

Pockie Pirates: Satori of the Forest

Satori of the Forest is an S rank crew member. In One Piece, she is one of Enel's Skypiea Priests who uses the Ordeal of the Balls to punish who they consider criminals.

Satori is a Doctor, and a cook (secondary profession) which gives a sailing bonus of +15% Food Capacity. She can be recruited from the East Blue Bar which unlocks at level 24.

Str 110
Int/Wis 409
Phys/Con 360
Agi 320

Special skill:
Cloud Dragon: Deals 80% of Magic Damage to all enemies with a random chance of stunning them for 1 turn, poisoning them for 2 turn, silencing them for 2 turns, or reducing their defense (physical and magical) by 50% for 2 turns.

Upgraded Special Skill:
Surprise Balls: Attack all enemies and cause 100% magical damage, having a change to cause one of the following debuff to your target: STUN, BURN, SLUMBER, and FREEZE. The effect will last for 1 round.

To enable her Upgraded Special Skill, we need to upgrade her by going to Crew Upgrade.
Upgrade Requirements:

Learn how to:

To get the full benefits of having Satori in your crew, develop and increase her Int/Wis attribute. Increasing intelligence or wisdom will increase her magic damage and, thus, her Special Skill's damage. Her Special Skill involves magic damage which is blocked by magical defense and not physical defense. Upgrading her will cause 100% magical damage minus magical defense to the target enemy. This is not a verified formula, but it represents the logic.

Devil Fruit
Increases her Magical Defense by 50%. If the enemy target has debuffs, normal attack deals 2 times the damage.

Learn how to:
Get Devil Fruits

Satori is best when she is behind a tank. She can sum a good amount of damage if she stays longer in battle. Placing her at the back will turn out to be the best positioning if she has a good tank. She will have more chances to disable the enemies.

Recommended Passive Skills

  • Wind Wing - Aura Skill. Raise overall speed of your side by 50 points in battle. One skill level up increases speed by 50 points.
  • Holy Counter - There's a certain odd of launching a normal attack to the damage source upon being attacked and gives recovery status for 2 rounds. Skill release rate increases with skill level.
  • Inspiration - There's a certain odd of recovering 11% of your current HP at the end of each round. One skill level up increases HP recovery by 1%. Skill release rate increases with skill level.
Pros and Cons
  • Damages all enemies
  • Very useful at early levels (24-50)
  • Poor in Physical Defense
  • Bad at later levels (70+)

Satori of the Forest, overall, is a strong crew member at the early levels because most of the enemy or maybe the other players don't have much magical defense. This is because they are not developing yet, or they don't have the proper equipment with enhancements yet.


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