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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pockie Pirates: Chapter 10

Pockie Pirates just released Chapter 10 today, June 4, 2013, 1:00AM GMT-5. This is also its 1st Year Anniversary! Yeeehaaaa!!!

Game321's Pockie Pirates: Chapter 10
Pockie Pirates announced the new content included in Chapter 10. They can be found here.
To play Pockie Pirates, click on Register on the Pockie Pirates page.

I'll just mention some of the updates included in Chapter 10:

1.Cross-Server Battle.

There are 48 servers and, like what you are thinking, we can battle each other! This will open a lot of opportunities and inspiration to become strong!

2. Protagonist Level Cap raised to 140.

The level cap was 130 just yesterday. Now, the strong will become even stronger. The weak shall work hard (like me T_T)....

They also said Pet level cap, but I don't know what it is.

3. 2 New Scenes
4. 5 Normal Campaings
6.2 Elite Campaings
7. Main and Side Quests
8. Lvl 140 Dungeon
9. Lvl 140 Set
10. Lvl 140 Legion Technology
11. Lvl 140 Aptitude
12. New Crew Member: Diamond Jozu

Diamond Jozu is the 3rd Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, as described in the One Piece Wiki.

His strength in Pockie Pirates is yet to be seen by many including me. I almost have 4800 Fame, and I am excited for my next recruit!

Getting him will be really cool!

Pockie Pirates is owned by Game321. All the images here are own by Game321.
I am also promoting my Game321 referral link which is HERE. You can register using this link, too, to play Pockie Pirates. It's something!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pockie Pirates: Alvida (fat)

"Iron Mace" Alvida is an A Rank crew member. In One Piece Anime, she is the first enemy encountered by Luffy. She was a fat, ugly woman carrying an Iron Mace. Soon, there was a twist in her life.

Alvida is a Swordsman, and a Captain (secondary profession) which gives a sailing bonus of +10% Critical Damage. She can be recruited for free after the encounter with the Alvida Pirates.

Str 300
Int/Wis 120
Phys/Con 390
Agi 190

Special Skill:
Alvida's Hammer: Attacks a single target for a great physical damage.
This skill inflicts additional damage equal to 20% of the target's remaining HP.

Upgraded Special Skill:
None. Alvida cannot be upgraded as of now. That's why she doesn't have an Upgraded Special Skill.

Learn how to:

To get the full benefits of having Alvida in your crew, develop and increase her Str attribute. Increasing strength will increase her physical damage and, thus, her Special Skill's damage, too. It also increases her tanking abilities. Her Special Skill involves physical damage which is blocked by physical defense.

Devil Fruit
Max health is increased by 20%.

Learn how to:

Alvida can inflict good damage to enemies and be the tank, too. If you have a good or better tank, place her at the center to sum up more damage for the enemy and be the next tank if ever the main tank gets beaten. The additional 20% of the target's remaining HP damage is good when battling opponents with high HP.

Recommended Passive Skills

  • Stout - Raise your physical defense by (strength*0.5*skill level) points.
  • Rampage - Transfer 50% of your physical defense into 60% physical attack. The effect will last for 2 rounds. One skill level up increases 10% physical attack.
Pros and Cons
  • Inflicts more damage to opponents with higher HP
  • Very useful at early levels (15-40)
  • Can tank
  • Can be recruited for free
  • Cannot be upgraded
  • Bad at later levels (40+)

"Iron Mace" Alvida, overall, is a strong crew member at the early levels because of the additional damage she deals with respect to the opponent's HP. She can tank while dealing good damage to the front line. She will be not as strong in the higher levels or when compared to S ranks.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pockie Pirates: How to Get Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits in One Piece. When one is eaten, it gives that person a special ability or trait. They come in various forms, colors, and types.

In Pockie Pirates, they enhance that crew member's abilities or give him/her another ability. It also comes in different colors which indicate the crew members' rank that can eat them.

This should be the logic, but there are other crew members who are higher in rank but eats a lower rank Devil Fruit. This will be investigated further.

Devil Fruit C - for A Rank crew members (they say)
Devil Fruit B - for B Rank crew members
Devil Fruit A - for A Rank crew members
Devil Fruit S - for S Rank crew members
Devil Fruit SS - for SS Rank crew members

How to Get Devil Fruits
2 ways:
Ladder Battle
Join the Ladder Battle to buy Devil Fruit C which is sold for 500 Honor.
Partner Battle Royal
Earn Diamonds and collect your prizes to buy Devil Fruits at the Diamond Mall.

Devil Fruit Costs

Devil Fruit C - 500 Honor
Devil Fruit B - 100 Diamonds
Devil Fruit A - 200 Diamonds
Devil Fruit S - 500 Diamonds
Devil Fruit SS - 1000 Diamonds

Devil Fruit Effects

View this page to learn more about crew Devil Fruit effects. Click more info beside the crew member's name.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pockie Pirates: "Sky Rider" Shura

"Sky Rider" Shura is an S rank crew member. In One Piece, he is also one of Enel's Skypiea Priests who uses the Ordeal of the Strings to punish who they consider criminals.

Shura is a Sniper, and a bomb loader (secondary profession) which gives a sailing bonus of +10% Attack Speed. He can be recruited from the East Blue Bar which unlocks at level 24.

Str 470
Int/Wis 100
Phys/Con 220
Agi 400

Special Skill:
Fire Pistol: Deals 120% physical damage to enemies in a column while burning them, causing them to lose 10% of their maximum HP each turn for two (2) turns.

Upgraded Special Skill:
Flame Gun: Attack current target and all enemies in a row and a line of that target, cause 200% physical damage, and burn the target for two (2) rounds.

To enable his Upgraded Special Skill, we need to upgrade him by going to Crew Upgrade.
Upgrade Requirements:

Learn how to:

To get the full benefits of having Shura in your crew, develop and increase his Str attribute. Increasing strength will increase his physical damage and, thus, his Special Skill's damage. His Special Skill involves physical damage which is blocked by physical defense. Upgrading him will cause 200% physical damage minus physical defense to the target enemy. This is not a verified formula, but it represents the logic.

Devil Fruit
Increases his Physical Attack by 10%. Normal attack has a chance to deal damage to the entire row of enemies.

Learn how to:

Shura is best when he is behind a tank, but not necessarily. He can tank and can sum a good amount of damage, too.  If you have a good or better tank, place him at the center or at the back to sum up more damage for the enemy. The burn damage will be annoying for the enemy, too.

Recommended Passive Skills

  • Moonwalk - Make normal attack deal twice the damage and raise yourself a 0.2% dodge rate when releasing the skill. One skill level up increases dodge rate 0.2%. Dodge rate can be stacked until the end of the battle. Skill release rate increases with skill level.
  • Fast Chase - There's a certain odd of launching one extra normal attack to next target after killing one enemy. Skill release rate increases with skill level.
Pros and Cons
  • Damages lines of enemies
  • Very useful at early levels (24-50)
  • Not all enemies will be hit. Good enemy positioning can render him not useful.
  • Bad at later levels (70+)

"Sky Rider" Shura, overall, is a strong crew member at the early levels like Satori because of the burn damage he deals to the target enemies. Burn damage damages the enemy every time their turn to attack comes. Some people find it really annoying. They will try to create good positioning strategy and can prevent Shura's Special skill to unleash its fury.

Pockie Pirates: How to Gain Prestige

Prestige is as useful as Gold and Silver. This is something that one cannot become strong without.

Developing a crew member
Upgrading a crew member
Upgrading both Character Aptitudes                                                                                    and whole crew Aptitudes

How to Obtain
Fight enemies.
Fight in Impel Down. (a very good source)
Fight in Dungeons.
Fight in Elite Campaigns.
Do Partner Battle Royal and collect rewards.

Save prestige from the start of your adventure. They will be very needed in the later stages. Developing one (1) crew member to his/her full potential may take 50 million Prestige depending on luck.

Stay tuned for more updates to the Prestige System.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pockie Pirates: How to Obtain Soul Crystals

Soul Crystals are needed for Crew member upgrades.

Types of Soul Crystals

Red Soul Crystal
Soul Crystals used for upgrading SS Rank crew members to SSS Ranks.
Orange Soul Crystal
Soul Crystals used for upgrading S Rank crew members to SS Ranks.

Getting Soul Crystals

Click on the Sennenryu Icon which is shown here.

Click on Summon Sennenryu when it shows up.
Now, click Collect Prize to collect your prize.

You also have the option to Input Memory to the Sennenryu. This will triple the current prize by chance. It costs Gold which increases the more you try.

You have ten (10) tries to summon the Sennenryu everyday. Collect your prizes everyday to earn more Soul Crystals.

Pockie Pirates: How to Level Up a Crew Fast

Leveling up a crew is important. As the level gets higher, the attributes and stats get higher, too, including HP. To level up a crew fast, utilize all of these available options.

Train your crew every after the 24-hour training time. A non-VIP can open up to two(2) training positions. A VIP can open more. I suggest opening the second position as early as possible. This will keep two of your crew members in par with your Protagonist's level. And opening the 2nd just costs 100 Gold.

While training, use Training Potions to add more EXP to a crew member by clicking Speed Training or traing*10. Speedy Training consumes one (1) potion and train*10 consumes 10 potions. Training Potions can be gained through fighting(enemy) and doing dungeons.

Daily Tasks
Click on the Daily Tasks button which is located beside Elite Campaign. Completing these tasks will grant your protagonist good EXP bonus apart from actually getting EXP while doing the task. Each task completed will give 5 Active Points. Every twenty (20) Active Points, click Submit to claim the Reward.

Clicking Refresh at the top will sometimes increase your reward from Average to Epic. Epic gives the biggest rewards. Each Refresh costs 2 Gold first time, 4 Gold at second time, 6 at third, and so on up to 10 Gold each try.

Save the goblets and exchange them for items in the Redeem Shop by clicking Exchange button. There are many items available including EXP Cards. You can get different goblets as you level up.

All of your active crew members gain experience points by fighting, including your protagonist. Here's a tip: Always use your Vitality points because there is a 1-point recovery every thirty (30) minutes. Not using them will waste the recovery points because of the vitality points cap.

Consume it through:
fighting while doing quests
Elite campaigns

The Shop has many items available for purchase including Experience Cards. The items available for purchase are random and available for Gold and silver. EXP Cards are sold for silver. Use them on your crew members Watch out for outlet update every Sixty (60) minutes.

Special Events
There are special events, usually every start of the month. There are rewards for buying Gold, salvaging, and, sometimes, there are rewards for logging in. Sometimes, the rewards can be chests that contain these EXP Cards. Watch out for any news on the Pockie Pirates homepage.

There will more ways to level up fast. Stay tuned for updates.