Monday, June 24, 2013

Pockie Pirates: How to Recruit a Crew Member

Mugiwara Pirates

A captain needs its crew, strong ones, or at least with potential. The stronger your crew is the stronger you become.

To recruit a crew member in Pockie Pirates, a level of 24 is required. Being level 24 unlocks the East Blue Bar where we can recruit 12 crew members.

Please read all the steps before trying!
  1. Go to Orange Town or any other village/town after it.
  2. Look for the Bar Owner. She looks like a waitress.
  3. Click on her and choose Recruitment.
  4. You have one (1) free try of an Advanced Call Up each day or each reset time (12 AM GMT-5). Go ahead and click Advanced Convene just once.
  5. Carefully look at the cards if one of them is at least an A rank. An S rank is better and an SS rank is the best, but there are no SS rank crew members in this bar yet.
  6. And, now they should shuffle. Be aware that the animation of the shuffling cards are, in no way, telling the  REAL location of each one. You can think of them as an illusion and the card that you want is in any position now.
  7. Choose and click a card, the one which you feel is the one you want. It will flip and will display the crew member you can recruit. If good luck is on your side today, it will display the crew member that you want.
  8. Click Recruit to recruit. If good luck is somewhere else and the crew member you want is still hidden, you can flip another card for 20 Gold, another card for 30 Gold, then 40 Gold, then the last for 50 Gold.
  9. If you got an A rank, S rank, or SS rank, click Exit and go to your Logbook.
  10. Look for the crew you just got and click Convene. The new crew member will be in your Crew now.

There is a big chance that all the cards will be B ranks. If this happens, you can choose to recruit them or not. I suggest you recruit them if you don't have any crew member at the moment. They can be replaced later when you get a stronger one.

Convene Costs

Convene - 30,000 silver
Advanced Convene - 50 Gold
Super Convene - 500 Gold

VIPs get more Advanced Convene tries each day.

To learn when the other bars unlock, read here.


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