Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pockie Pirates: How to Get Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits in One Piece. When one is eaten, it gives that person a special ability or trait. They come in various forms, colors, and types.

In Pockie Pirates, they enhance that crew member's abilities or give him/her another ability. It also comes in different colors which indicate the crew members' rank that can eat them.

This should be the logic, but there are other crew members who are higher in rank but eats a lower rank Devil Fruit. This will be investigated further.

Devil Fruit C - for A Rank crew members (they say)
Devil Fruit B - for B Rank crew members
Devil Fruit A - for A Rank crew members
Devil Fruit S - for S Rank crew members
Devil Fruit SS - for SS Rank crew members

How to Get Devil Fruits
2 ways:
Ladder Battle
Join the Ladder Battle to buy Devil Fruit C which is sold for 500 Honor.
Partner Battle Royal
Earn Diamonds and collect your prizes to buy Devil Fruits at the Diamond Mall.

Devil Fruit Costs

Devil Fruit C - 500 Honor
Devil Fruit B - 100 Diamonds
Devil Fruit A - 200 Diamonds
Devil Fruit S - 500 Diamonds
Devil Fruit SS - 1000 Diamonds

Devil Fruit Effects

View this page to learn more about crew Devil Fruit effects. Click more info beside the crew member's name.



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