Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cheap Computer Parts in Cebu

Hello guys! Here is a list of stores in Cebu where I found the cheapest parts and systems for PC and laptop. I will update this every time I discover new cheap prices.

Ranked from CHEAPEST to the not so CHEAP, with #1 as the cheapest.

1Gaisano Interpace (site is somewhat buggy
                                  sometimes. I got the pricelist as
                                  of September 30, 2012 anyways,
                                  so tell me if you want it. Place
                                  a comment and your email.

This store offers the best of computer parts and systems at a very cheap price. A sample would be their 2GB RAM, they only sell it for Php610.00 while it sells for Php750.00 on the other store I checked. I forgot the Brand, but what I asked for is their cheapest 2GB RAM. Their service is also very good. They have many people to help you or guide you.

Please, also, place a comment for the cheapest stores that you know and I will find it out for everyone else, too :)


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    1. Thanks for the link Brenda. It will sure be helpful for some people around. Thank you for sharing :)


  2. Awesome post I bookmarked it on Delicious and submitted on Dig. …Thanks for this nice blog……

    1. Thank you friend! It's nice to know the blog is helping :D