Monday, May 20, 2013

Fly Chicken Mobile/Phone Game Stage Info/Guide

I have this game Fly Chicken on my Samsung Corby II phone which is very addictive. Damn! It's so hard to move on to the next stage. There is no info on how many meters the predetermined distance is in-game, so I will post here the stages I was able to go ;)

Stage 1: below 100 meters
Stage 2: Around 100 meters
Stage 3: 130 - 140 meters
Stage 4: 150
Stage 5: 102 and counting -.-
Stage 6:
Stage 7
Stage 8
Stage 9:

So far, I was able to finish 3 stages. First one is easy for me, now. The first time was really hard, though. Second stage's goal is around 100 meters, most probably 100 or below. Third one is 135 meters, I am pretty sure. And, damn, stage 4 is so hard for me!

Don't worry I will do this and I will post the remaining distance goals soon ;)

If you have done some of the stages, please don't hesitate to inform us all :D
Please place a comment below, thankssss~!

Fly Chicken 1.0.0 game on mobile phones is by Interactive Exchange Company,

God bless!:)


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