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Friday, October 19, 2012

Download Ragnarok Valkyrie with Installation Guide and Error Fix

Trying to find the Ragnarok Valkyrie Server Client? Found it nowhere? I'll tell you guys where! :)

Just download the normal Ragnarok Online Client HERE. Download Ragnarok_Online_Downloader.exe. To play on ValkyrieNew Iris, New Lokiand Valhalla, run pRO_F2P.exe. To play on other servers - Ragnarok Online, Sakray, run their executables which are Ragnarok.exe and sakray.exe.

When you run Valkyrie.exe, it will begin patching. If it will result in an error (Failed to write file. valexe.exe), click OK and close valkyrie. Now, instead of double clicking Valkyrie.exe, right click on it and click Run as administrator. It should work now :)

Permanent Method:
♫ Right Click
♫ Go to Properties
♫ Go to the General Tab
♫ Under Privilege Level, check Run this program as an administrator

If you run into a GameGuard problem, allow Valkyrie.exe or whichever server through your firewall.
♫ Type "allow a program through Windows Firewall" in the Start search.
♫ Click Change Settings
♫ Click Allow another program
♫ Look for yourserver.exe or browse your computer for it.
♫ Once found, click Add.
♫ Click OK.

If this works, please leave a comment to tell everyone else this way works:) If it doesn't, please feel free to tell PostBeard and others what is the problem. If you have other ways, please help the community by posting it too :)

Hope I helped you, guys! Rock On! \m//

God bless!:)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cheap Computer Parts in Cebu

Hello guys! Here is a list of stores in Cebu where I found the cheapest parts and systems for PC and laptop. I will update this every time I discover new cheap prices.

Ranked from CHEAPEST to the not so CHEAP, with #1 as the cheapest.

1Gaisano Interpace (site is somewhat buggy
                                  sometimes. I got the pricelist as
                                  of September 30, 2012 anyways,
                                  so tell me if you want it. Place
                                  a comment and your email.

This store offers the best of computer parts and systems at a very cheap price. A sample would be their 2GB RAM, they only sell it for Php610.00 while it sells for Php750.00 on the other store I checked. I forgot the Brand, but what I asked for is their cheapest 2GB RAM. Their service is also very good. They have many people to help you or guide you.

Please, also, place a comment for the cheapest stores that you know and I will find it out for everyone else, too :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rubick Stealing Zet's Tempest Double

Defense of the Ancients: Icefrog just released 6.75b 2 days ago. It includes 2 new heroes and new items together with a lot of hero balance-adjustments. I know many of you have already tried the map. The previous version 6.75 was having critical error issues when playing on Frozenthrone versions 1.24b and 1.24e. Gladly, this was fixed right away with this new version! :D

I and my friends had some thoughts sharing while playing the newest map and came to think that Rubick can Spell Steal Zet's Tempest Double! And then Rubick will use Tempest Double to replicate himself, he can then use his own double(mirror image from Zet's ultimate) to, again, Spell Steal Zet's Tempest Double. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, this will create a lot of Rubicks! We were like "OMGGGG!!!!". " I can create 20 Rubicks and use Telekinesis using one and the 19 can Fade Bolt the enemy!"

We tried it right away!

......sad :(

When using Spell Steal after Zet uses Tempest Double, nothing. Yeah, Rubick got nothing and Spell Steal is using its cooldown time.
Well, I guess that was good or it will be imbalanced, lol. Zet, himself, is SUPPPEEEERRRRR! So, his abilities are as follows.

Engulfs an enemy unit with swirling volatile energy for 6 seconds, slowing its movement speed by 50% and dealing damage over time if it is alone. The effect is muted if there is a nearby enemy unit within 225 aoe.

     Damage15/30/45/60 per second
     Manacost: 75
     Cast Range: 600/700/800/900

Magnetic Field
Distorts space, generating a circular field that grants 100% evasion and bonus attack speed to allied units and buildings within. The field has an aoe of 375.

     Attack Speed Bonus: 50/60/70/80
     Duration: 3.5/4/4.5/5s
     Cooldown: 50s
     Manacost: 110
     Cast Range: 900

Spark Wraith
Summons a Spark Wraith that takes 3 seconds to fully materialize. Haunts the targeted area until an enemy comes within its range and then fuses itself into him dealing magical damage.

     Damage: 150/200/250/300
     Duration: Lasts up to 50 seconds or fuses itself into an enemy
     Cooldown: 4s
     Manacost: 50
     AoE: fuses itself to the closest enemy within 375 AoE
     Cast Range: 2000

Tempest Double
By vibrating at extreme speeds, Arc Warden is able to create a perfect electrical incarnation of himself for 20 seconds, at the cost of health and mana. This incarnation can use any spells or items he has, and spawns with his health and mana after the cast.

     HP/MP Cost: 30/15/0% of current HP/MP
     Duration: 20s
     Cooldown: 55s

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to Take Care of Your Laptop Battery

Every PC or Laptop owners should know this.

If you are at home and are using your laptop with the adapter connected to the outlet, take out your battery unless you are charging it. Or when it is full already, take it out and just use the adapter for power supply.

This will prolong the lifespan of your battery. If you leave it fully charged and with your laptop connected to outlet, I don't know what happens but, if your battery was good enough for 10 hours, now it will just make your laptop stay alive for less than an hour.
This is what happened to my battery. I was able to do so many things for my laptop when it was new, but now it only reaches a maximum of 45 minutes. It was because I am using my laptop like a desktop and I didn't know that I should take the battery off.

So, here's how to do it.

1. If you are using the laptop away from home at a later time, charge the battery to full. If you are using the laptop as a desktop replacement, charge the battery to around 45%.

2. Take out the battery and be sure to plug the power adapter is plugged to the outlet in order for the laptop not to turn off.

3. For the people using the laptop as a desktop replacement, charge your battery every week and up to 45% charge only. This charge will most likely dissipate throughout the week.

So, that's how to take care of your laptop's battery. Laptop batteries are expensive! So, take care of it!